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Civil Rights Act of 1964
Landmark legislation marks 50 years of aiding the disenfranchised

In the mid-1960s there were no licensed Black plumbers in Indianapolis admitted to the Plumbers Union Local 73 in Central Indiana. Therefore, Black plumbers were denied work on union-contracted jobs. In 1969, U.S. District Court Judge S. Hugh Dillin (the same judge who handed down Indianapolis Public

Civil Rights
Game celebrates history and movement toward equal rights

With the crack of Jackie Robinson’s bat for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, Negro Leagues Baseball died, although at the time no one knew that for sure. Within a few short years, as more and more Black players signed to play for teams in the Major Leagues, the Negro Baseball Leagues –


Mortality provides life’s deadline
When my team and I began discussion about the cover theme for this issue, the thought of funeral homes and anything pertaining to death seemed, well...a bit ghastly.

“That’s so morbid.” “No one wants to talk about death.” “Will there be any interest,” were some of the statements and questions that arose during our lively (pun intended) discussion.


Restoring Hope
Partnerships help Gary transform from ghost town to regional economic engine

The mid-sized city that could, is. In case you haven’t heard, Gary is open for business. For the past two years, the once-famed steel town has been in makeover mode under the leadership of its first-ever

The Power of Prevention
Businesses can combat labor shortage by devoting resources to the fatherless

Many people believe family structure doesn’t really matter as long as children have someone – anyone – to love and care for them. However, ongoing research and studies reveal something different. New evidence can be boiled down to one undeniable truth:

Guidance and Mentoring
SBA program allows CMS to service 300 federal government projects

When Custom Mechanical Systems Corp. (CMS) entered into the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Program in 2005, it marked a turning point in the company’s development. Until that time, the company


Buying the Farm
Death is the great equalizer. It strikes 100 percent

Grief-stricken help psychics build $2 billion recession-proof industry

Terri Coddington, a certified hypnotist, begins the

In Perpetuity
Ways to spend eternity can reflect personal interests of the deceased

Though most will opt for a traditional casket and grave in a cemetery or urn in a place of honor with

Education and Training
Bereavement industries involve more than meets the eye

Shelby Chism, unlike many in the tight-knit mortuary


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