A Stylish Excursion

Take your image on the road with comfortable yet appropriate fashion

by Jessica R. Key

Jet setting is a part of business that can help companies scout new prospects; allow company leaders to manage multiple locations; or simply  provide human contact with clients, partners or investors. No matter if one takes a plane, train or automobile, a comfortable yet easy wardrobe is always a good idea when traveling. Now that much clothing is wrinkle free, that makes chucking items into a suitcase in order to catch a quick flight easier than ever. While simplicity is the goal, globetrotters shouldn’t sacrifice their appearance. Plenty of fashion choices can take the  professional “from-plane-to-board room” while being comfy yet work appropriate.

Professionals also must remember the importance of a good appearance. One wouldn’t want a wrinkled suit or dowdy shoes to ruin a good opportunity – not to mention wasting precious funds on a business meeting several states away that didn’t pan out. In this edition of the Indiana Minority Business Magazine, transportation professionals showcase how traveling with style can be easy and fun. They are doing so at the historic Indianapolis Union Station, said to be the first union passenger depot in the country, opening in the mid-19th century.